Water Extraction Dry-Out


Damage caused by water happens quickly.  It is extremely important that the extraction and dry-out process be completed by a certified drying company within 24 to 48 hours to minimize your losses.  That is where Talon Restoration & Cleaning can help.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  To expedite the process:

  • Contact your insurance company
  • Request Talon Restoration & Cleaning as your water mitigation provider
  • Contact Talon Restoration & Cleaning
  • Meet your project manager
  • Complete required paperwork upon arrival of the Talon technicians
  • Inform the project manager of a suitable way for Talon employees to access your house in your absence (with your approval, Talon will install a lockbox
  • Inform the project manager of the best way to reach you – home phone, work phone(s), cell phone(s) or e-mail
  • Secure valuable items


One Stop Shop

Talon offers a full line of flooring products which eliminates the need to involve another vendor in the restoration process.  We work closely with your insurance company to ensure that you are provided with the same quality of flooring product and also offer the option for you to upgrade your flooring, if you choose to contribute toward the cost.


Types of Water Loss

  • Clean Water (Category 1):  Water contains no harmful contaminates.  This type of water generally flows from a broken water supply line.
  • Grey Water (Category 2):  Water contains a significant amount of contaminates.  Examples of this category are water from a toilet overflow (water/urine only), laundry overflow, and dishwasher overflow.  If this type of water damage is not cleaned up with 48 hours, the water will elevate to Black Water (Category 3).
  • Black Water (Category 3):  Water contains a large number of contaminates and causes a significant health risk.  The most common example of this is sewage backup and water coming in from the outside of your business or home.


Tips to Prevent Water Damage

  • Repair roof, plumbing or wall leaks immediately
  • Clean roof gutters regularly
  • Remove debris from your rooftop
  • Detach garden hoses from outside faucets before temperatures drop below freezing